Are you looking for happiness in the midst of... WTF?!? 

We totally get it, sister!

We used to think having the “perfect” marriage, tons of cash and clothes, traveling the world whenever we wanted, and building successful businesses was all we needed... until it wasn’t.

We tried all the things... excessive exercise, weighing and measuring our food, spray tans, and botox. (Full disclosure: we still use botox 😉). 

We thought having six pack abs, winning physique competitions, and getting on the cover of popular magazines would bring fulfillment and happiness… damn, were we wrong.

I'm sure you can relate.

You went to college, got married, had kids, started your career… and did all the right things. It was all going well... But now you’re stuck thinking… 

"WTF?! Why am I still not happy?"

People think success and happiness comes if you "check all the right boxes”, overachieve, and look pretty enough. 

Unfortunately, that's not the case. You'll never be truly happy buying what the world is selling when it comes to happiness. Trust us, we've spent a lot of money trying to look for it lol.

But true happiness comes from a different place. It comes from within. And when you tap into it, you know when you've found it. 

You also know when you haven't. And it sucks.

"It’s hard to describe the genuine glow of happiness… But when you see it you know." 

They say, "You are what you eat"...

But we are in a society more concerned about what we put IN our bodies and what we put ON our bodies, but we rarely look at what goes INTO our MINDS.

What we consume on TV, social media, what we see in magazines, what we read, and who we follow. All of it impacts our thoughts about who we are, what we have, and our level of satisfaction and overall happiness.
In this course... 

Jill and I will share our secrets to lasting fulfillment, confidence, and ultimately the thing we are all searching for… happiness in the midst of all the bullshit. 

We don’t claim to have all the answers. But we wanted share the tried and true strategies that we have found that work really well for us. 

So, What is The Happiness Diet?

A 6-week Online Course 
with the co-hosts of The Best Life Podcast, Danny-J and Jill Coleman, 
on how to find lasting fulfillment, confidence, and ultimately happiness.

"The Most Comprehensive Mindset & Lifestyle Course... EVER!"

Daily emails to your inbox to you can read at your leisure. Prompts to log-in and watch the video lessons that you can view over & over
Worksheets, guides, and real tools to use to move forward in your life, create structure and boundaries, and learn how to prioritize in your life.
To put into practice what you're learning, and come back over and over again to continue to make #happinessgains

What's included?

  • 6 Modules with 19 life transforming lessons
  • 42 Daily Motivational Emails with communication tools and strategies to get clear on what you want, how to relate to others, and shift your perspective.
  • Practical Worksheets and tools to increase your clarity
  • ​Lifetime access
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • ​Access to the Women’s Success Interview Series
Includes 6 Module Video Education
  • ​Module 1 - Priorities: How to make time for what really matters
  • ​Module 2 - Physical: How to transform the way you actually look and feel
  • Module 3 - ​Rewrite Your Story: How to rise from the ashes of your past 
  • ​Module 4 - Relationships: How to build deep relationships with the people who matter most 
  • ​Module 5 - Work and Money: How to get paid to do what you love
  • Module 6 - ​Spirituality: How to develop a spiritual practice and tap into your intuition
And 6 Week Email Education
  • Control vs. Trust
  • ​The victim and martyr mentalities 
  • ​Boundaries and relationships
  • Showing up authentically and unapologetically
  • How to choose a perception that serves you
  • ​Sustained happiness and inner peace

What you will come away with:

  • Confidence in yourself
  • Compassion for yourself
  • Clarity about your purpose and belief in yourself
  • Communication tools to help you have tough conversations
  • ​A Clear path to freedom and true success

Valued at OVER $997!!!

Normally $299 >>> NOW ONLY $149

"It's time to take action and take control of your happiness!"

It's all about taking #RadicalResponsibility every step of the way. 

From what you do and say, to what you think, and your attitude in every moment. 

This course is for women who want to stop defending, deflecting, justifying, 
and be ready to finally create a life they unapologetically love.

The course includes insights, frameworks, but also actual tools and strategies 
you can pull from and use in real time.  

We will be sharing plenty of crazy and funny stories from our own lives as well as stories from some of our clients over the years who are crushing it.

How would you like it if people to came up to you in awe and asked...

"What the hell are you doing? Why do you seem so HAPPY?"

And others commented on your growth saying...

"You are more confident than ever! You seem so secure in your purpose!"

"You are no longer controlled by anxiety, hormones, and the little things anymore."

"Your friendships, family, and romantic relationships feel good, easy, and fulfilling."

"You have your priorities straight and fully trust yourself to make choices that feel good."

"Heck, you finally know what your priorities are!"

We want this for you...

We really hope you join us!

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